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Beginner Package




Beginner Package*: Weekends Only. $65 with or without rentals.  Ages 7+ (No Exceptions)!!

NOT Available During Presidents Week (2/19-2/25)


*Ski Instruction Only - Due to Staffing We Cannot Accommodate Snowboard Instruction.

The most affordable option for a Never-Ever who is 7 or older, is our "Beginner Package". The "Ski School Package" is $65 for your Equipment Rental, a Surface Lifts Ticket and access to Coaching in our beginner areas from 9:30-1:00. Show up between 9:00 and 9:30, Ask for the "Ski School Package" at the ticket window, and we will get you onto the hill. This is the most affordable way to learn, and the best way for us to make sure that our guests have a safe experience. The beginner package, gives you a ski package, surface lifts ticket, and access to coaching in our beginner areas. The ski school staff is there to help guide you through your first-time skiing to make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

But, just to make sure that we are clear, this is not a typical "group" or a "private" lesson. Our coaches are available from 9:30 1:00; but they are not assigned to you from 9:30-1:00. You will be out there with a number of our instructors and a number of other guests who are at different points in their learning process. Our goal is to get you sliding on snow, teach you how to stop, how to turn, and how to ride the "Rope Tow", "Platter Pull", and the "J-Bar" (as they become available.) This way, you can get out there and practice. If you are feeling confident after your instruction, you can purchase an upgrade lift ticket for $35.

Please Email us at for Information

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