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For kids 5 and under, our 2023-2024 Tot Season Pass is a FREE addition to your family of passes!  The $25 fee simply covers printing the pass and eliminates the necessity to get a day ticket. Get your little one on skis or snowboard early! Be sure to look into our tot program, Little Lambs and Shepherds (read more below).

Tot Passes may ONLY be purchased with accompanying Adult passes.


We're looking forward to our 89th winter season and hope to see you on the slopes!


Little Lambs and Shepherds is a tot program (ages 3 to 6) that allows the parent(s) or guardian to take an active role in an hour long group lesson teaching your little one to ski. Guided by our instructors, Little Lambs and Shepherds will learn the basics and continually build skills each week. Create a lifelong love of skiing with you and your little one!  Pass holder must be 5 or under as of 1/1/2024.

Tot (ages 5 and under) Season Pass

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