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We've got lots of great events going on this winter, both on the slopes and off!

Don't forget our Apres Ski parties located in the Lostbo Pub both on weekends and during vacation periods!

Great Atmosphere, Live Music, Beer Promos, Outstanding Food and Drinks. We do it right! 

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Events!

Week Day Ticket Specials

Mondays:  Military Monday $10 Lift Tickets*

*active or retired Military members only - not available during holidays

Wednesdays: Humpday $30 Lift Tickets***

Thursdays:  Throwback Thursday $30 Lift Tickets**

**Not available during holidays

December 2022


Tuesday, Dec. 27th 

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Happy Holidays

January 2023

Apres Ski: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

3:30 - 5:30 in the Lostbo Pub

Jan. 1 Mitch Alden

Jan. 6 Dan Aldrich 

Jan. 7 Tim Dion 

Jan. 8 Jonathan Sarty

Jan. 9 Military Monday

Jan. 11 Humpday

Jan. 12 Throwback Thursday

Jan. 13 Candie Tremblay

Jan. 14 Steve Haidaichuk

Jan. 15 Tim Dion

Jan. 18 Humpday

Jan. 19 Throwback Thursday

Jan. 20 Kurt Murray

Jan. 21 Kurt Murray

Jan. 22 Dan Aldrich

Jan. 23 Military Monday

Jan. 25 Humpday

Jan. 26 Throwback Thursday

Jan. 27 Candie Tremblay

Jan. 28 Steve Haidaichuk

Jan. 29 Mitch Alden


Happy New Year sign

Classic Title

February 2023

Apres Ski: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

3:30 - 5:30 in the Lostbo Pub


Feb. 1 Humpday

Feb. 2 Throwback Thursday

Feb. 3 Tim Dion

Feb. 4 Steve Haidaichuk

Feb. 5 Mitch Alden

Feb. 6 Military Monday

Feb. 8 Humpday

Feb. 9 Throwback Thursday

Feb. 10 Candie Tremblay

Feb. 11 Dan Aldrich (3-5)

Feb. 12 Tim Dion 

Feb. 13 Military Monday

Feb. 15 Humpday

Feb. 16 Throwback Thursday

Feb. 17 Rafe Matregrano

Feb. 18 Steve Haidaichuk

Feb. 19 Mitch Alden 

Feb. 20 Dan Aldrich

Feb. 21 Jonathan Sarty

Feb. 22 Tim Dion

Feb. 23 Candie Tremblay

Feb. 24 Candie Tremblay

Feb. 25 Dan Aldrich

Feb. 26 Jonathan Sarty

Feb. 27 Military Monday

March 2023

Apres Ski: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

3:30 - 5:30 in the Lostbo Pub

Mar. 1 Humpday

Mar. 2 Throwback Thursday

Mar. 3 Friday Night Uphill Series,

           music by Rafe Matregrano

Mar. 4 Steve Haidaichuk

Mar. 5 Mitch Alden

Mar. 6 Military Monday

Mar. 8 Humpday

Mar. 9 Throwback Thursday

Mar. 10 Friday Night Uphill Series, and music by Candie Tremblay

Mar. 11 Dan Aldrich

Mar. 12 St. Patrick's Day Parade presented by The Shannon Door, with musical Guest Tim Dion

Mar. 13 Military Monday

Mar. 15 Humpday

Mar. 16 Throwback Thursday


Mar. 18 

Mar. 19 Candie Tremblay

Mar. 20 Monday CLOSED

Mar. 21 Tuesday CLOSED

Mar. 22  Wednesday CLOSED

Mar. 23  Thursday CLOSED

Mar. 24  No Apres Ski today

Mar. 25 Jonathan Sarty 

End of Season Passholder BBQ 4pm P

Mar. 26  Open 8:30-4pm Last Day of The 22-23 Season


$17 Tickets All Day 
March 17th, 2023

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