Uphill Travel Policy 2020-2021 Season.

Uphil Capture.PNG


Please remember as an uphill user, you are the guest of Black Mountain and must agree to the terms, conditions, acknowledgement of risk (NH RSA 225A) and release of liability.  Access is at your own risk.


Please call the Resort first if you encounter any problems or need assistance, 603-383-4490.


A season pass, lift ticket or uphill ticket is required to access trails. These can be obtained within the Base Lodge during normal operating hours or at any time on line.


Skis with skins, snowshoes or split boards are required. Brakes and/or restraining straps are strongly recommended.


Uphill travel is only permitted sunrise until 4pm. No uphill travel should be started after 3:30 pm.


Ski Patrol clears the mountain of all guests and staff at the end of operating hours every day. If you are on the mountain at this time you will be required to ski down.  Please expect to be asked to travel downhill as rapidly as you safely can.

Uphill travel is only permitted on designated routes, check info sign in parking lot for today’s route.


If you descend prior to operating hours, you must travel down along the same route you traveled up.


Travel single file, on the edge of the trail, on the best side of the trail to be seen by downhill skiers, snowboarders, snow groomers, and snowmobiles.


You may not leave Black Mountain property to access the backcountry.


Overnight stays on the mountain are not permitted.


Downhill snowshoers must follow the designated uphill route back down the mountain. Skiers and snowboarders may travel downhill on any terrain designated open by ski patrol during operating hours. At all times, travel on trails designated as “closed” is prohibited!

Do not stop at high traffic areas.


No sleds, tubes, saucers, snowmobiles or fat tire bikers.


Yield to downhill traffic.  Downhill traffic has right of way.  


Dogs/pets are not permitted on the mountain at any time.


Ski Patrol has the right to adjust uphill access as conditions & business volume change.


Please respect the natural beauty of Black Mountain, pack-out whatever you bring, leave only tracks!



Have fun and be safe!